21. August 2018

Creating a Scala REPL

The best way to learn a new language is to create a simple file for that programming language and keep running it in watch mode. I personally use watch and VSCode when I want to quickly prototype something. watch helps me run that code continuously as I type and provides me with instant feedback on the terminal. I have found this technique really helpful in the past specially while learning something new.


02. August 2018

Writing a maintainable webpack config

Over a period of time webpack configs usually become really large and hard to maintain. In one of my cases webpack.config.js had become more than 1000 lines! In this blog I am going to talk about how to write composable webpack configs that are easy to read and maintainable.

I will be using a lot of ramda and if you are unfamiliar with its syntax I would recommend you to go thru this post by Randy Coulman on getting started with it.


16. January 2016

structuring react components

Rather than making one huge component do everything, have smaller more specialized ones that perform one thing at a time.