Personally I have always preferred building an offline web app when compared to a native desktop app. Firstly because its lighter, secondly its easy to build, platform independent and most importantly easy to update. I wanted to practice the basics of AngularJS on a project and wanted to learn more about the best practices that are currently set in the industry today. Thats is why I created this project.

Whenever I want to create a new web application that worked offline, I just fork this repository and get started. All the workflows are pre built in the project, with a single command I can test my app on multiple browsers, package the app, create an HTML5 Application Cache Manifest file and ultimately publish it to GH-Pages. I could have used Yeoman for the same, but I just found this more comfortable and more suited to my needs.

Here are the links if you want to know more about the project 

Source & Demo Application