21. May 2014

Date a boy who codes

The author of the following content din’t have a blog of her own, I loved it so much that I thought I’ll post it here.


05. December 2013

Using Passbook at Indian Airports

Apple’s passbook is something that I was not expecting to work in India anytime soon. I was travelling to Bangalore, and decided to test this time if the app has any credibility, in the eyes of the security at the Jaipur International Airport, my boarding point.


03. December 2013

AngularJS Seed project

Personally I have always preferred building an offline web app when compared to a native desktop app. Firstly because its lighter, secondly its easy to build, platform independent and most importantly easy to update. I wanted to practice the basics of AngularJS on a project and wanted to learn more about the best practices that are currently set in the industry today. Thats is why I created this project.


02. December 2013

The Universal Theory Righteousness

This a really old piece of text from when I was in my third year of college, back when I was 19. I had written it with the help of a really close friend, whom I used to love talking to. We talked about philosophy, science and hypothetical situations. She turned out to be the person that I eventually ended up marrying, more on her later, for the time being check out what we came up with first :-)


17. October 2013

Geocode your life

I wanted to write this blog about one of my undergrad projects — Paunkie. A social networking website which was based on maps. We were a team of two undergrad students who were being mentored by Prof. Vaishali Dharkar as our guide for this project. It was inspired by Serenedipity, one of Indigo Architects niche products. I was able to convince my partner and our project guide that it was a cool idea to build something on similar lines and that it would definitely qualify for a research project.